Interior design villa St. Legier

We transformed a villa with a 70’s interior into a light modern, functional family house with a Scandinavian touch.
The owners asked us to redesign the ground floor and add an extra bathroom and storage. They want us to design customized cupboards in the main bedroom and a walk-in closet on the first floor.

The ground floor was dark, had a small separated and unpractical kitchen and the living room and dining room were divided.

ground floor - before


floorplan design ground floor



The owners wanted a black and white kitchen en would love to have a kitchen bar.
We opened the kitchen to the dining room en created a small kitchen island with a bar. To make the kitchen feel warm and cosy, we added some wooden details en some accent lighting. Extending the floor from the dining room into the kitchen makes the room look larger
moodboard kitchen villa St. Legier

Mood board

kitchen before renovation villa St. Legier


design kitchen 1



The hallway was outdated and needed some refreshment. The owners wanted a hallway with black details and a luxurious, Scandinavian feel.

hallway before renovation villa St. Legier


hallway 2 before


moodboard villa st legier staircase and hallway

Mood board

halway design


Dining room and living

 We removed the wall between the dining room, and living changed the doors and the fireplace to make it modern and more spacious

dining room before


living room before


floorplan design living room and dining room

Design floorpan

Extra bathroom ground floor

The assignment was to change the toilet into a masculine dark grey bathroom.

As the toilet was too small to add an extra shower, we enlarged the space. Because the window had to be included and the width was only 120 cm, we placed the shower in the left corner.

guest toilet before renovation villa St. Legier


floorplan bathroom design


bathroom website


Bedroom and walk-in closet

The cupboards in the bedroom were very old and in bad shape, so the owners asked us to design a new customized cabinet with an industrial and Scandinavian look which they could make and install themselves. They wanted to remodel the small cupboard next to the room into a walk-in closet. 

As the chimney vent is in between the wardrobes, we designed the new cabinets around this. We designed a built-in cupboard based on Ikea cupboards. 

The walk-in cupboard got a niche with a shelve and lighting to display lovely bags and shoes.

floorplan bedroom before


before - bedroom

Before bedroom

before - bedroom 2

Renovation bedroom

design - bedroom

Design bedroom

design walk-in closet

Design walk-in closet