Highwood interior renovations and architecture is a full-service interior design firm based in Vaud, Switzerland. Our firm specializes in all aspects of residential and commercial designs, including the building process, from initial floor plan development to final furniture and styling. Our projects range from furnishing a single room to helping design an entire house. 

We strive to create timeless, warm and functional spaces and customized designs to meet our clients’ requirements.

We like to work with natural materials like timber and fabrics such as linens, wool, and cotton. Muted, calm and natural colours dominate our interior palette, which we like to combine with an eye-catching object. This creates a warm, harmonious interior that is also inspiring, interesting and timeless. Needless to say that it is not only about using the right materials, though having “an eye” for the perfect layout in terms of the adequate space occupation and light presence is crucial to facilitate the life for the home residents.

Cindy Hooghoudt

dipl. ing. Architect – interior architect / designer
Founder of Highwood interior renovation and architecture

Cindy Hooghoudt, grew up in the Netherlands where she obtained a degree in Architecture and Construction Engineering. For several years, she worked as a consultant in facility and building management, where she advised universities, offices and hospitals on development and renovations. After working as a renovation consultant for a restaurant and private homes, she decided to combine this work with interior design. Before starting as a self-employed interior designer she attended several interior design courses to extend her knowledge. With her technical and creative background and more than 17 years of design and decorating experience she creates beautiful warm and timeless interiors. Whether her clients are looking for finishing touches or starting from square one she helps them to bring their ideal home vision to life.


Showroom and office

We can handle the full implementation of the design for you. A big part of the implementation is purchasing and installing pieces of furniture and decoration. The right styling is what elevates your space to a real home where you feel comfortable and relaxed. We have partnered with different high-end suppliers to offer the best interior services. In our showroom and office in Vevey, we can outline proposed furniture and other interior-related items. We can show you the different possibilities of form, size, texture and colour, and we can guide you through an extensive selection of design elements. In our office, we keep lots of samples of tiles, wooden floors, wooden panels, wallpaper, upholstery fabrics, carpets, etc. We use all these items to help our clients visualise their interior and lend them out so they can be assessed in your own space and with the right light. Everyone interested in our interior architecture service is welcome by appointment.

Office 2

Our Process

With our design process, we make your interior architecture process as easy and seamless as possible

picture design process

Initially, I will talk to you on the phone, learning about who you are and how you envision working with me. During our conversation, I will answer any questions you might have about my working process and approach. Suppose we might work well together. We will set up a time to meet for an initial interior design consultation.

During this stage, our goal is to get to know you and your family better. We map the wishes and requirements of you as the client. We investigate your interior design preferences, your lifestyle needs, and what you like and dislike so that we can create a home that reflects the way you live. To achieve this, we work together with you and ask you to fill in a customized questionnaire and provide us with some pictures of what you like. Together, we try to capture the atmosphere that appeals to you in words and pictures. We will translate this information into a Statement of Requirements. The Statement of Requirements must be balanced with your budget and timing. Contributing to the overall design; moods, colour- and material finishings will also be incorporated at this stage.

After final approval of the concept design, we develop a more detailed floor plans and 2D/3D visualization of your new home. The drawings will be checked based on spacial planning. We will make a photorealistic design to see the influence of colour, material and lighting. This way, you can choose the right colours and finishes. If available at this stage, we can show you some samples of what we have in mind.

In the Final Design phase, the choices made in the previous stage are established and further elaborated. A list of materials and colours will determine the finishes and colours to be used. The phase ends with the presentation of the design in photorealistic drawings so you can see precisely what the design will look like.

Before the contractor can carry out the design, a technical description and technical drawings will be compiled; you can see this as the guideline for the actual construction. In this document, all the materials are described, and all the tasks for the contractor and the installers. The interior design is detailed, including lighting, electrical, tile, and sanitary plans. This document will also state the terms and conditions within which the construction must be realised. The document and the drawings lay the foundation for the contract between the client and the contractor.

By paying close attention to the accuracy and details of the drawings, the construction will eventually run smoothly, and we can monitor all the details closely. The result is a design that stands like a house and matches the presentation of the interior design.

In this phase, we also ask for quotations. We work with a large network of regular suppliers, ensuring the correct price/quality ratio.

Now the contractor is hired, we can order the products. While the contractor and his team are realising the design, we supervise the proceedings. Although everything is fixed in the specifications signed by all parties, unforeseen circumstances may arise during construction. The design might go through minor revisions. We are in constant dialogue with the contractors, suppliers, and yourself to come to the very best solution.

During the construction meetings, which the client can attend, the progress is kept up, and solutions are devised for unforeseen circumstances. Naturally, a report of this meeting will be made to record new agreements.

During this phase, we act as the owner’s agent and provide the following services:

  • Observation services

We will set up regular meetings with the contractor to coordinate the progress, inspect the quality of workmanship and observe the work for general conformance with the construction documents. We will also work with the contractor to answer questions and resolve design issues that naturally arise during construction.

  • Review submittals, shop drawings and work with fabricators

There will be many products that will be purchased for your home that need to be reviewed in detail. We review these for consistency with the specifications and make additional selections and decisions as needed. We also work with fabricators such as the cabinetmakers, finish carpenters, tile installers, etc., to refine minor details during construction.

  • Supplemental documentation

As needed, we will provide supplemental documents to clarify the design intent for the contractor.

  • Handle requests for changes

The contractor, architect, or owner may need to change something during construction. The architect can administer this process and prepare the necessary document revisions.

  • Punch list

The punch list occurs when the contractor states that they are finished with construction. It is the contractor’s punch list, and we aid the contractor by walking the site and pointing out items that do not meet the drawing standards.

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