Renovation villa Montreux 

The assignment for this project consisted of a bathroom and kitchen renovation in a contemporary, mid-century style. 

Kitchen renovation

The house owners wanted a semi-professional kitchen with lots of storage space and a spacious countertop to work on. Although the kitchen must be convenient, it must also be beautiful and exude some luxury. One wish was also a cabinet for the liquor bottles with accompanying glasses and space for the cookbooks. 

The clients liked both a wooden kitchen and a light white kitchen. To make the effect of material and colour visible in the room, we executed the first design in wood and the second design in white. The photo-realistic designs make it easy to see the differences and make choices easier.

We chose an open arrangement in a light colour in the first design, making the kitchen seem more extensive and spacious. The second design is more closed in dark wood colour. This kitchen gives less view of the appliances on the counter and gives a warmer, more mid-century feel. 

kitchen before villa Montreux
kitchen design villa montreux 1
kitchen design villa Montreux

Bathroom renovation

They wanted a contemporary mid-century bathroom, preferably with green tiles, two sinks, more storage space and a large shower with a bench to sit on. 

To make maximum use of the available space, we placed the shower in front of the window. This design left enough space to put a large washbasin. By setting two cabinets on either side of the sink, we created extra storage space. A pleasant, cosy atmosphere is created by placing led lights under the shelves. 

We chose two separate mirrors and gold faucets to enhance the mid-century perception. The preferred green tiles are beautiful glazed tiles with a nice colour nuance. Combining these with light marble-look tiles created a luxurious and spacious atmosphere. 

Villa Montreux bathroom before 2
Villa Montreux design 1

This project was realized in collaboration with Highwood+Kuyer.