Villa Blonay

The owners of this house wanted to create a cosy family home. Their favourite style was Scandinavian. They liked a minimalist, uncluttered home with lots of storage space that still felt cosy and nice. We redesigned almost the entire house.


Living room

For the living room, we designed a TV cabinet with lots of storage space. The TV is hidden behind two sliding doors. To create some atmosphere, we chose to leave a piece open to put some decoration in there with soft mood lighting. The large rug also provides extra cosiness and connects all the furniture.

moodboard livingroom villa Blonay
Colour and material board Villa Blonay
livingroom before
iving room and custom cupboard design villa Blonay


hallway before
halway and cupboard design villa Blonay


design cupboard laundryroom
design cupboard open laundryroom


bedroom before
bedroom and costum cupboard design villa Blonay


office design villa Blonay