Interior architecture 

All our designs are tailor-made and unique. Understanding our clients,
their wishes, requirements and lifestyle, is the foundation for success.

Interior renovation and architecture

Did you buy an old, outdated house and want to change this into a modern light and spacious home fitting the lifestyle of you and your family? Do you have lots of ideas, but don’t you know if they are realistic, where to start, or don’t have the time to do it yourself? Let me help you. With my background in architecture and construction engineering and my interior design skills and experience, I can guide you through the renovation process. Together we will find the style you like, investigate your lifestyle, needs and wishes and make a client brief that will be leading for the total project. With photorealistic drawings, I can help you make lighting, colour, and material choices much easier. Material samples can be delivered to your house so you can assess them in the room to be renovated. With the final photorealist drawing, you will have a very good idea of the end result, so no surprises. Most materials needed for the renovation can be offered at a competitive price, and a constructor can be arranged to fit your needs.

Our goal

We believe that living in a well-designed space can improve the quality of life, increase productivity and make us happier and healthier. The more the interior reflects the wishes and characteristics of the user, the bigger the sense of happiness. We will transform impersonal rooms and areas into unique, expressive spaces that fit the personality of the potential of the client.

We aim to create interiors that reflect their owners’ style and personality. It is about adding the finishing touch to transform your home into something special.

We are based in Vaud