Renovation high end bathroom Blonay

Bathroom renovation villa Blonay

Here you can see a bathroom we worked on at a villa in Blonay.

The client asked us to create a contemporary and luxurious bathroom with a spa feel with natural tones.

In the design, we chose to place a wall in the middle of the bathroom to create privacy in the shower and near the toilet. Byplacing the sink with a large mirror on this wall, you can at all timesenjoy the beautiful view of Lake Geneva.

We also fitted a beautiful freestanding bathtub by Antonio Lupiwith the fantastic bathtub faucet. It is a beautiful feature when you enter the bathroom.

The cabinet we designed, and custom-made for the shower fits very nicely with the Falpersink. This cabinet provides extra storage space, but the shelves above it can also be used adequately for decoration.

The bathroom floor flows seamlessly into the shower, and by choosing a linear drain with tile, it forms a beautiful whole.

The niches in the shower and bath with beautiful warm ambient lighting complete the spa feeling.

For the contractor, we made the technical drawings with all necessary dimensions so that the realization could occur precisely according to our design.

This bathroom was made in cooperation with Highwood+Kuyer.

HK Blonay before


design bathroom villa Blonay


bathroom renovation villa Blonay - finished


Unforeseen circumstances can always arise during construction. In this case, we got a positive surprise. During the removal of the ceiling, a beautiful roof construction became visible. So we decided to adapt the design in consultation with the client and the contractor.

renovation in progress renovation bathroom Blonay
roof construction - renovation bathroom Blonay
renovation in progress renovation bathroom Blonay 2
HKBlonay21 005 C
HKBlonay21 006
HKBlonay21 003
HKBlonay21 004
HKBlonay21 008