Cupboard design Epalinges

Design custom made cupboards Epalinges

We were assigned to design and produce two custom, bespoke built wardrobes, a made-to-measure cupboard in the living room for the TV and with space for accessories and storage and a made-to-measure cupboard in the hallway that offers enough storage space but also radiates cosiness. The client requested that the cabinets fit the Mc.GeeStyle. 

Living room bespoke cupboard

For the living room, we designed a symmetrical cupboard with horizontal wooden shelves for a warm look. We also added lighting in the cupboard, which not only provides extra light in the living room but also adds atmosphere. The middle two drawers have been replaced by flap cabinets in which the TV equipment can be placed and hidden.

Epalinges 1




Entrance bespoke cupboard

The entrance cupboard has also been designed symmetrically. It is open in the middle, making the cupboard more airy and less heavy, creating an area where the children can take off their shoes. The main eye-catching feature of this cupboard is the continuous horizontal wooden shelf.The milled back wall in the centre of the cupboard also adds a nice touch of personality to the piece.

Epalinges 3
custom hallway cupboard