New construction apartment St. Légier

ongoing project 

This project involves a newly built apartment. Our client had to make many decisions at short notice about additional work, electrics, kitchen and bathrooms. She also wanted us to look at the layout to see where improvements could be made and advise on colour and material choices.

Her preferred style was a combination of industrial and mid-century, the goal was to create a contemporary and warm interior, functional and comfortable for a family of 3.

Kitchen design

We investigated how the kitchen would be properly laid out and how the style and colour could be such that it matches the living room and preferred concrete look floor. We choose a wooden kitchen to give the space a warm and cosy feeling. The colour of walnut provides the kitchen with a mid-century look. We looked at several kitchen suppliers with the developed design, got quotes, and are now ready to order the kitchen.

mood board kitchen


Visualisation to make kitchen choices - new construction appartment St. Legier

Visualisation to make choices

final design kitchen - new construction appartment St. Legier


Bathroom Design

Adding a niche in the wall is not only practical for placing shower necessities but also adds lighting and a decor tile to make the space more luxurious and cosy.

The wooden drawers have a beautiful wood pattern, the drawers are under the washbasin to provide extra storage space and give a warm atmosphere to the room. The floor and wall tiles are both set in an offset pattern to give the bathroom more atmosphere.


The bathroom floor extends into the shower, making the space seem larger and the shower screen, mirror and accessories will be installed soon. Custom cabinets will be installed in late November early December. Final photos will follow after it is finished.

bathroom design - new construction appartment St. Legier


bathroom design 2 - new construction appartment St. Legier


For both bathrooms and toilet, we made an electricity plan, lighting plan, tiling plan and sanitary plan so that it was clear to the contractor where and how everything should be installed.

tile plan master bathroom - new construction appartment St. Legier
electricity plan master bathroom - new construction appartment St. Legier