Interior architecture – new construction

There is a lot involved in a newly built home. Often you have to make many decisions at short notice about additional work, electrics, kitchen and bathroom. In such a process, it is helpful to call in Highwood Interiors for a good and professional look at the layout of your new home. Because of my experience with new-build houses, I can easily see where improvements can be made and how you can make the best use of your house. It is essential to think about the functionality of the spaces at an early stage: what will the bedrooms be, and where do you want a possible study. This determines, among other things, how electricity and internet facilities should be installed. Based on your construction drawings, other issues are immediately examined: is the direction of rotation of all doors logical, are the switches for lighting in the right places, are there enough light points and outlets, where to stand under the sloping roof, etc.. Once the building has been done, you cannot change these things or only do so at great expense. So, make sure you get good advice in time.

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