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If anything positive can come out from this stressful situation, it’s slowing down from our busy lives, appreciating the simple things and enjoying home with our beloved ones.

Therefore, it’s more important than ever to create a cosy atmosphere in your home!

Here are 3 essential interior design tips that we would like to share with you and that you can easily implement:

1) The right combination of accessories.

The right combination of accessories can complete a scheme and give your room the luxury edge it deserves. Limit your decoration and think about grouping with odd numbers of accessories (3,5,7) with common colour, texture or material to ty them together. Height variation creates more interest. Position them tightly enough so they overlap and aren’t lined up like soldiers. Grouping with a tray, grounds your decoration and cuts down visual clutter.

decorated tray_vases 8x12
decorated tray 12x12
decorated tray flowers 12x12

2) Pillows and sofa throws

Pillows and sofa throws are one of our living room’s most giving accessories.They provide visual warmth as much as tactile softness on your sofa and chairs. No home should be without. From wool blankets to fur throws, the options available are plentiful. Matching fluffy pillows complete the scheme, feel warm and inviting. Make sure you have layers of pillows in different sizes with different textures, this will give your interior character and interest.

Mix similar colours for all your pillows & throws that tone with the room for a more cohesive look.
For a soft look use muted colours. Enjoy your evenings reading or watching a film on your comfortable sofa covered by a comfy plaid.

3) Candles & fragrances

Enhance your space and add a sense of calm. If you have a favourite fragrance you always use, everyone will remember it as related to your cocoon.

Also, scent plays a huge role in mood, so set the right tone in your home by lighting seasonal candles and use essential oils that make you feel relax & happy and ready for the next summer holiday ahead !


Stay safe and healthy everyone!

Cindy Hooghoudt

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