Home office is the new trend - improve your home office design

In times of working from home our space for work and study have taken on extra importance. Home offices that bring a sense of retreat and calm can provide a subtle antidote to our world of heightened anxiety.

Here are some simple steps you can take to optimise and craft your actual daily working environment at home into a more pleasurable working place experience.

Ensure a solid desk, a comfortable chair, plenty of storage and lighting which are key to feel at ease and to be efficient.

Have your desk well organised with a specific place for each object. It will help you to work quicker and will avoid wasting your valuable time to search for misplaced items. Invest in accessories such as pen pots or letter holders and additional desk storage to keep your desk tidy. Re- organise desks with deep drawers to hideaway all your paperwork and use smaller storage for writing & office utensils for a clean appearance on the tabletop. Keeping your desk uncluttered is essential in those busy and changing times.

A desk should be a comfortable space. A wooden finish is often a good tactile experience and it’s important that the desk is of adequate height and length so you’re not tempted to shift to a less ideal workspace. A few personal items like photos can give more warmth to the space, but it’s important to remember that nothing should stress or distract from the current task at hand. Contrary to common practice, home office harmony is created by keeping shelves clear of too many work-related items. Instead shelving is often better filled with warm and decorative items to personalise the space and clam the mind. If it’s absolutely necessary to store work documents here, use attractive display boxes with front labels for easy acces.

Try to place your desk next or near a window, in order to benefit from as much as possible natural light or in the centre of the room so you can admire your office interior design. 

Keep the filling cabinet as close to the primary desk space as possible. Home office storage should be approached with the attitude that work should be out of sight. This is not just about creating a beautiful home office, it’s about creating a workspace that enables a person to work most efficiently.

So consider which items are used daily, and which are used occasionally. Items that are stored out of sight may include leads and wires for electronic devices, batteries, receipts, product warranties, extra stationary. 

Simple built in cupboards like these are stylish and blend into the surrounding space. A minimalist approach to the design can help calm a jumpy mind and induce a sense of simplicity and focus.

An additional tip, which should reflect your style; Play with colours and materials, so that the office expresses your personality or add a pop of colour to give it a new air. A fresh lick of paint is always perfect to transform a room which needs an update. A good quality leather writing pad will add texture and a premium feel while it will boost the room’s ambiance.

Stay save and enjoy the days at home as best as you can.